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About the Founder

Hi, my name is Eileen.

I started to experience hair loss and signs of balding at a young age. Friends and families were commenting on it. As a result, I was overly-conscious of how I look. This affected my confidence and how I view life, in a negative way.

Have you felt the same way too?

Armed with a determination to change the outlook of my life, I started extensive research on effective ways to prevent and cure hair loss.

That is why was created as an ultimate information hub to educate others on the subject of losing hair and balding. Our vision is for you to know what are the most effective ways of handling hair issues, no matter at which stage you are at.

Our resources include articles, reviews and guides on the subject of losing hair so that you can overcome these painful issues.

I hope that by now, what we shared with you at is of value, even in the slightest of amounts.

For all of your support, I am eternally grateful.

Feel free to contact us here.

Eileen Moore